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Monday, April 10, 2017

Sensory Intergration Home Programs (Part 3)

Selamat pagi kawan-kawan blogger.. Sihat semua??? Hari Isnin biasalah kan lemau je memasing..hehehe..

Oklah sebenarnya Nor nak studi hari nie disebabkan kekurangan kerja kan.. ;)..  Hari kita sambung part yang ketiga pulak ye.. iaitu Proprioception..

Apa itu Proprioception?? 

Proprioception adalah seperti memiliki orang-orang yang memiliki akal manusia. Itu ada hubungannya dengan sistem saraf dan persepsi dari hal-hal di sekiar anda. Jika anda telah minum anda kehilangan kemampuan ini dan itulah mengapa anda tidak boleh mengendalikan. Sumber :
  1. Baskets filled with toys or books.
  2. Carry or push laundry basket across the house.
  3. Push a cart filled with groceries at the shopping mall.
  4. Place chairs on desks at end of day (study room).
  5. Take chairs down at beginning of the day (study room).
  6. Drawing on floor (in prone position).
  7. Erasing, colouring on chalkboard.
  8. Spray bottles.
  9. Use curvy cut scissors to cut putty, play dough or thick paper.
  10. Clean the dining table with a cloth.
  11. Help wash car using sponge.
  12. Watering the flowers.
  13. Raking grass/leaves.
  14. Pushing a wheelbarrow.
  15. Jump on a trampoline.
  16. Crash onto pillows/bed/cushion.
  17. Bounching on a Gym ball.
  18. Playing see-saw.
  19. Animals walk (Crab walk, Bear walk, Army crawl, Frog jump, Whellbarrow walk).
  20. Heavy quils at night / Weighted blanket.
  21. Weighted Compression Vest/ Lap Pad.
  22. Carry backpacks with water bottles or weighted soft toys during outing.
  23. Roll child in the blanket like a hot dog.
  24. Firmly press on your child's arm, legs and back with pillows.
  25. Bear hug.
  26. Log rolling-roll back and forth to retrieve objects like clothes or shoes.
  27. Use beanbag chairs in the living room or study room. Allow children to use them during silent reading time.
  28. Lie the beanbag over or under them during indepedent work tasks.
  29. Swimming & Diving.
  30. Tie theraband around the front legs of a chair oe legs of desk that the child can kick with his legs.
  31. Prior to seat work, have child pinch, roll, pull Playdough/ Theraputty.
  32. Pinch or roll the stress ball (ballons filled with flour).
  33. Give child firm pressure on shoulders.
  34. Resistive sucking using items like pudding, thick smoothie.
  35. Sucking through thin curly straws/ long sports bottle straw.
  36. Sucking lollipop or popsicles.
  37. Chew on candies like fruit plus, sugus, jelly beans. Be cautious of too much sugar and make sure children brush their teeth.
Selamat mencuba ye.. Nor nak sambung studi balik.. Doakan Nor lulus ye bagi exam kali nie..


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